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Police hit 'top end of town' to combat organised crime

Lawyers, accountants and financial advisers who help criminals set up their businesses, launder money and send funds overseas will be targeted in a crackdown on organised crime in NSW.

Almost 100 detectives will make up the newly formed Organised Crime Squad that will focus on money laundering, drug trafficking, transnational crime and issues Bivirkninger around sports betting and the racing industry.

The squad's focus is not on the gangs carrying out drive bys or petty drug deals but the crooks at the ''top end of town'', its chief, Detective Superintendent Scott Cook said.

He said there were "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" entire companies operating in Sydney funded by "büyüme hormonu eczane fiyatı" organised crime.

''These guys are all entrepreneurs,'' he said. ''They are setting up companies, they are transferring massive amounts of money offshore Many of those involved have invested in property and other legitimate assets like cafes, restaurants or other businesses.

''Many have multiple businesses believing 'they're not going to touch me'. They're crooks, they've built Comprar Levitra it all with illegal money.''

The Australian Crime Commission estimates organised crime gouges about about $15 billion a year from the national economy. Australia's wealth, it suggests, makes the country a prime target, as shown in the prices syndicates charge for drugs like cocaine.

The Organised Crime Squad's initial targets will be wherever the biggest profits are the people who have the most to lose and the ''boys and girls at the top of the pyramid''. It will also put a new focus on those aiding the criminal enterprises.

''We're keen to look at the professional facilitators. Now 99 per cent of lawyers and 99 per Comprar Gh Jintropin cent of accountants do the right thing but there are Oral Steroids With Or Without Food professionals we haven't had a look at that we are going to start focusing on.''

NSW Crime Commission head Peter Hastings, QC, said Masteron 50mg Ed the work of the squad would complement his organisation's investigations in disrupting the activities of criminals by confiscating their assets.

"As organised crime groups are showing more sophistication and expertise, this new squad will be dedicated to fighting crime on the same level,'' he said.

The squad is an amalgamation of smaller existing squads the organised crime targeting squad, the casino and racing squad and the Asian crime squad. Police say Asian crime gangs are now far more sophisticated and have moved into organised crime, working with other international syndicates.

The new squad will continue to focus on Asia. Superintendent Cook said a large part of the organised crime problem is coming from east Asia. ''Even when we've got cocaine coming into Australia from South America, it's being organised by Hong Kong,'' Masteron For Endurance he said.