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´╗┐Police make arrest in Hartwell pizza shop slaying

Police in Indianapolis said John Deloney, 27, turned himself in, was arrested and charged with the fatal shooting of Richard Evans during an attempted robbery at Cosmic Pizza on Saturday.

Interim Police Chief Paul Humphries said investigators used facial recognition software to get Deloney's face identified in surveillance video. They said Deloney had been sought because he has family in the region, including a twin brother.

Sources told WLWT News 5's John London that Deloney has prior convictions for theft and receiving stolen property, but neither incident involved violence. A post Billig Generisk Cialis conviction risk assessment placed Deloney "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" as a low risk to re offend, London said.

Deloney is paying child support for two children, and is current on his payments, London said. He last worked at a restaurant in Hartwell. People at the Westwood Manor, on Westwood Northern Boulevard, said Deloney had been staying there with a girlfriend but moved out this past weekend.

Eagle 99.3 reported that Deloney posted $1,500 bond to get out of the Dearborn County jail on June 8. He had been arrested on fraud, forgery and conspiracy to commit forgery on May 2 after he and a woman were accused of stealing a patron's credit card at Hollywood Casino.

The community has come together in support of Evans' family members, raising more than $20,000 so far to help them.

"Spending the day with her and another neighbor at the funeral home Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop today, it was a lot. And nobody should ever have to see that. What she Buy Cialis Switzerland and those children went through. And what the community is doing to help out is wonderful," neighbor Dawn Murray said.

Deloney is being held at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department pending a hearing on Thursday.

PIZZA SHOP OWNER IN HARTWELL. CINCINNATI POLICE SAY. WLWT NEWS 5'S JOHN LONDON IS LIVE. TO TELL US MORE ABOUT HIM. JOHN? NO VIOLENT HISTORY. SINGLE, SUPPORTING "Anabolika Definition" TWO KIDS. UP TO DATE ON HIS CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS . HIS PREVIOUS RUN INS WITH THE LAW THOUGH PROBLEMATIC DO NOT SUGGEST THE KIND OF CHARGE HE'S FACING TONIGHT. ("That's him.") Marcus Johnson is certain, after we showed him the picture. ("That's how he was lookin', too, Oral Steroids With Or Without Food sittin' in his truck, lookin' straight, like a deer. That's how he was lookin', just like a deer in the headlights, like.") Folks at Westwood Manor off Westwood Northern Boulevard say John Deloney had been staying there with a girlfriend, but moved out this past weekend . As the heat from the killing of Richard Evans at Cosmic Pizza in Hartwell started to build. (voice of Chief Humphries) ("We know who did it, we're absolutely certain of that.") Surveillance video complemented their tech skills. (Lt. Col. Court records indicate he had worked at Frisch's, within sight of Cosmic Pizza. Nothing in his history to indicate violence. No juvenile record, no evidence of drugs. He was deemed low risk after a theft and stolen property case. Last month, he allegedly ran a light along Liberty while driving under suspension. Neighbors say he was in this lot a couple days ago, looking preoccupied. (Marcus Johnson Westwood Manor) ("He was sittin' over there sittin' in his car lookin' at me crazy. So, I didn't speak to him, I didn't say nothin' to him. I got away from him.") Fundraising efforts for the Evans family are ongoing. As his widow made arrangements today. (Dawn Murray Helping Evans Family) ("I don't want to ever witness anything like that again. She, she and the children got to spend some time with Rich. And, uhm, that was hard.") DAWN MURRAY'S FUNDRAISING EFFORT HAD TOPPED Masteron And Test Prop $18,000 A FEW HOURS AGO. THE FUNERAL FOR EVANS IS FRIDAY. POLICE MADE IT CLEAR TODAY ANYONE HELPING Masteron For Endurance DELONEY ELUDE CAPTURE WOULD FACE PROSECUTION AS WELL. REPORTING LIVE, JOHN LONDON, WLWT NEWS FIVE. BREAKING NEWS. OUT OF ASHLAND,