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Hospital Support Services, Inc.

Helping the Hospitals of Maryland Help Themselves

Medicaid Eligibility Services



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How we help the people of Maryland help themselves

We believe that doing what you know, and knowing what you do—better than anyone else—is the supporting formula for success. Our focus is on Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and Social Security (SSI and SSDI) claims. And our successes are represented by the thousands of people who have been able to acquire healthcare and financial support...and the scores of institutions that have received appropriate reimbursement for the services that they provide.

 Indigent disabled individuals in need

HSS represents hospitals, healthcare systems, healthcare providers, and individuals. Our standards are traditional. Our programs are innovative. And our results are unbeatable. The following are some of the hospitals and healthcare systems that we have represented since our inception: 


The HSS discipline includes medical assistance advocacy, financial consultation, and recovery programs.
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