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Hospital Support Services, Inc.

Helping the Hospitals of Maryland Help Themselves

Medicaid Eligibility Services


Hospital Suppot Services, Inc. incorperated 1991

 We deliver individualized services that work through an ever-expanding demand for documentation, interviews, and timely filing of paperwork, resulting in effective coverage that matches the needs of the individual to the entities that serve them.

The HSS discipline includes Medicaid advocacy and recovery programs for the healthcare industry, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and private individuals.

HSS Services

We are here to serve your needs
  • 1 Evaluation

    1. Bed side / Curb side 

    HSS staff can meet with your uninsured patients at your location, in their home or wherever is convenient for your patients and screen them for Medicaid eligibility criteria—and begin the application process.

  • 2 Hospice Care

    2. Navigating Hospice Care at a Time of Need

    When a family member enters hospice care, Hospital Support Services, Inc. (HSS) can help relatives cut through the requisite paperwork so that they can deal with more important matters—seeing to the care of their loved one at end-of-life.

  • 3 Identification

    3. Sometimes the Simplest Tasks can Become Overwhelming. Picture this...

    Details such as a lack of an official photo ID can trip up you or your client when trying to perform simple tasks such as cashing a check, meeting with counselors, or entering a healthcare facility. Hospital Support Services, Inc. (HSS) will help you acquire government-accepted, official photo ID or documents. Or transport you to the site to accomplish the task.

    Photo ID
    Birth certificate

  • 4 Long-Term Care

    4. Understanding your long-term care options 

     Long-term care is generally viewed as a program for institutionalized elderly people. Yet, it is also administered to younger adults and children who are disabled and impoverished.

    There are various levels of required assistance skills under which an individual may be categorized. These categories are prescribed by a medical professional, and must be approved by the State through the Department of Health review group. 

  • 5 MCHIP

    5. The MCHIP Program is administered by each County’s local Health Department 

     Providing coverage for the pregnant mother, newborn child, and young children, not only allows access to health care maintenance, but helps prevent the onset of serious health conditions.

    Many of the applicants are not able to complete the MCHIP application for themselves. Hospital Support Service, Inc. is here to assist them with this process. 

  • 6 Eligibility

    6. Helping indigent individuals with proving eligibility

    When you contact HSS, we will explain the application processes and simplify them for you, as we have done thousands of times before. Understand that there is help in what appears to be an overwhelming task—because you do not have to “go it alone.” 

  • 7 Estates

    7. Helping the people of Maryland help themselves 

     Unfortunately many people pass away before starting or completing the Medicaid Application process. HSS can petition the Courts to open an Estate in order to see the Medicaid process through until the very end.

  • 8 Consultation

    8. Make an Appointment for a Consultation

    If you are a hospital, or a medical or long-term care facility, and need to set up a program to assist your patients, Hospital Support Services, Inc. (HSS) can guide you or help you tune up your current medical assistance eligibility process. 

  • 9 Aliens

    9. How Aliens in the U.S. Can Receive Legal Medical Coverage

    People from other countries who are living in the United States can often qualify for a Medical Assistance Program. Emergencies, unavoidable illnesses, or accidents bring these individuals to emergency rooms. Hospitals are required by law to provide medical service in these emergency instances. Hospital Support Services, Inc. (HSS) will get your bill paid when eligibility exists. The best way to meet the patients’ needs, and satisfy the financial requirements of the medical institution, is to perform an immediate screening and evaluation at the healthcare facility.

  • 10 Appeals

    10. Previously Applied, We Will Engage in the Appeals Process for You...

    It’s no surprise to us when we hear that a client’s application for government benefits has been rejected. Even if the individual was unable to provide the required documentation, Hospital Support Services, Inc. (HSS) works so closely, and so often, with the Department of Social Services/DHR/State Department of Health that we are able to quickly assess what needs to be done next:

    Our appeals unit will assess the denial and when appropriate file the necessary appeal with the proper government agency. 

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